And Now For Something Completely Different! -April 2012

…Or maybe I should call this blog ‘from the sublime to the ridiculous’!  Not that my hand quilting is so sublime but sometimes my reaching for ways to use scraps is close to ridiculous!  Well, all self deprecation behind: I did finish a few other quilts in this first quarter of 2012 and I thought I’d share some quick tricks that I stumbled upon .

My husband and I were going to visit his niece, her husband and their two wonderful children !   Sara’s kids are 2.5 and 1 years of age and of course at the last-minute I decided I needed to make them quilts.  So I looked in my stash of ‘Kids’ tops.  This top immediately jumped out as a good fit for the 1-year-old.  But what to do for the 2.5year old?!

Years ago when my younger son was about 6, I made him a quilt with all these cute car and truck fabrics.  I had  some strips and patches left over from that project but not really enough to do anything real fancy.  But  I know how much 2.5 year old boys love trucks and I wanted to use up those patches so  I put the patches together to make this  bar quilt.

It was easy to assemble all the patches ’cause they were already the same width  and the varying heights just added interest to the appearance of the bars so I did not have to cut or trim any of the patches.  Since all the fabrics were unidirectional, setting the patches from top to bottom as bars seemed the logical choice and it was QUICK!!!

Adding some semi solids in between the patchy bars to calm down all the patterns was and easy choice and then the geometric checkerboard seemed a good medium pattern to frame the sides.

Since our grand nephews live in a very warm climate I picked out some nice flannel for backing and quick turned the quilts without batting so the quilts would be cuddly but not to bulky or hot ( and no binding, another quick quilt technique!!!) A little stitch -in -the- ditch quilting to tie everything down and away we went!

Well the quilts were a big hit!  And when prompted CZ ( the 2.5 year old) can tell you his ‘aunt Claire’ gave him his truck quilt!  It was fun and it was easy and Oh what joy it brings to me!  cheers, Claire W.

2 responses to “And Now For Something Completely Different! -April 2012

  1. cute quilts oh what a great idea for a quick quilt with the truck /car fabric! you could do that with any novelty fabric,
    GREAT IDEA!!!!

    • I have actually used this bar quilt idea a number of times recently. There are several samples on my blog under the ‘bars Quilt’ class Tab.
      Also I wanted to say I visit your bolg often and have enjoyed many of your posts. cheers, CW

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