More Quick kid Quilts

After the fun I had with the car and truck fabrics all I had left was a small pile of horizontal (selvage to selvage) all different width strips.  Not a lot of flexibility there.  But since I kinda had Bar quilts on the brain I wondered if what worked vertically might work horizontally?!  So I put this quick kid quilt together.

I had to pull a few extra strips from my stripy scrap bag ‘cause I did not have quite enough car strips to make a full top.  I think the geometric checkerboard fabrics help to calm down the busy car fabrics.  Plus  the checkerboards are reminiscent of racing flags so in an odd way they work thematically.  I added the tonal green to balance the single green car strip.  And the black with chilly peppers were the only thing I could find to balance the black-background-car fabs.

I was trying to pull from my scrappy strips as much as possible so, the right border is the last of the leftovers from the first quilt and the borders are all a little off from one another but I kinda like that; and I did not have to cut them.  I know how lazy can I be?!  Don’t answer that!

All these horizontal strips got me thinking about other related bags of leftover strips so I pulled out this bag of monochromatic red strips leftover from a really ancient project and put them up on my design wall.

I don’t think  this color scheme translates to this layout as well as the conversation prints;  but it has given me an idea for another possible solution for these strips!  That’s what design walls are for, right?!!!  I’ll keep you posted on the ‘solution’ as soon as I work out more of the details. Cheers, CW

2 responses to “More Quick kid Quilts

  1. I of course love ALL the tops you make. And please remember that I am always happy to donate strips to you!!

  2. Thanks Randy, you know how I love free fabs. even when it comes in small pieces! cheers, CW

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