Big Red Ranch is Almost Finished!


I’ve almost finished Red #2.  I kept the quilting really simple, my Long arm version of “stitch in the ditch”, which is simply a small squigley line along the seams.  But since I was thinking I was going to give this to my mom as a lap quilt  I backed it with flannel.  That left me with the idea of using something soft for the binding.  I had some black velvet in my stash.  I thought that might be nice, black and red is always a good combo, right?   Well the black and red looked rather well together but velvet as a binding is a bit tricky.  The quilt was nice and square but with the velvet binding the edges went all wavy gravy; even tho’ I used my walking foot. I guess there is just too much slip, slide and bulk in the velvet to be-have under a presser foot. You don’t see it in the picture ’cause I plastered it to the design wall.


I think I’m going to try blocking it like a sweater. Any suggestions?  cheers, CW

One response to “Big Red Ranch is Almost Finished!

  1. No suggestions for rescuing the velvet, but a brilliant choice of using black. This quilt is amazing. Mom will love it.

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