More Barish Ideas

I really like Bar quilts.  You can get alot of bang for your effort when constructing bar quilts if you choose your fabrics carefully.  For example banded prints that run parallel with the selvage can be cut into wide strips cut selvage to selvage and sashed and it almost looks like vertical rows of blocks.

Floral Fabric Bars, 30″ x 43″, 2011.

Panels can be arranged in a similar fashion.

Fairy Alphabet Bars, 36″ x 54″, 2011

Another easy application is a packet of charm patches.  This was made with a packet of 40- 5″ charm squares and some sashing. All I had to do was cut the sashing and borders and sew. soooo easy! And really charming…sorry I couldn’t help myself.

You might remember this one from an earlier post.  The squares in this quilt were simply leftover end cuts, that were all the same width.

Sometimes just random strips in similar colors can make nice bar quilts.

purple bars

Pink Flannel Bar / Scraps, 43″ x 56″, 2010

These are all stash quilts.  Simple to sew, fun to make, great looking and take very little time.  They are great projects for charitable quilts  or give-aways ’cause they aren’t huge investments of time or resources.

Well July is half over but happy July anyway. cheers, Claire W.

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