New Samples for the Scrap Strategies Class

It’s been a while since I updated my Strap Strategies file, and I realized I’ve made a lot of new quilts since I set-up that tab.  So here are some fresh pix to spark your interest and some links to my blog that describe some of the  processes I go through when making these fun and easy quilts.

Blue Scraps #1- 36" x 48"

Blue Scraps #1- 36″ x 48″

Here’s a blog that show the process of Scrap Strategies from the start:

click here

Amish Scrappy leftovers #1

Amish Scrappy leftovers #1

Here’s a link that shows how I constructed this quit:

click here to see

Batik Scraps #3

Batik Scraps #3

Here’s a link to more info. about my batik series:

click here

30's Scraps #3-  48" x 48"

30’s Scraps #3- 48″ x 48″

Here’s a link to my 30’s series:

click here

30's scraps #2-  34" x 34"

30’s scraps #2- 34″ x 34″

Yarn dyed Scraps #1-  36" x 48"

Yarn dyed Scraps #1- 36″ x 48″

Here’s a link to the making of this quilt:

click here

Here’s my flannel series:

Flannel Scraps #1

Flannel Scraps #1

Flannel scraps #2-   38" x 42"

Flannel Series #2- 38″ x 42″

Flannel Scraps #3

Flannel Scraps #3- 58″ x 68″

Here’s my kide fabric series:

kid fabrics #1-  48" x 48"

kid fabrics #1- 48″ x 48″

Scrappy Kid's Fabric #3

Scrappy Kid’s Fabric #3

kid fabric # 4-  48" x 48"

kid fabrics # 3- 48″ x 48″

As you can see there are a lot of styles and possibilities when you start sorting your straps!  For more pix of samples check out the Scrap Stratigeis Class tab at the top of my home page.   And for more info on my general quilt activities check out my blog at;       Any specific questions you can email me at ;  I hope to see you in Class!            Happy New Year!!  Cheers, Claire W.

2 responses to “New Samples for the Scrap Strategies Class

  1. Great work… Looks exactly like I would expect from a former Hessel Road biology student. Former Hessel Road Geology Student.. Ha! Karen Heil gave me your web site.. Alex

  2. The scrap quilts are lovely. I wish I could come up with designs for my scraps, I’m not very good with scrap quilts. There are too many colors and prints to deal with and I can never decide on placement.

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