About Me

 I like all kinds of quilts; traditional quilts, artsy quilts, vintage quilts, modern quilts. I have attempted to make most styles of quilts (some with more success than others).  I would sew everyday if the details of life didn’t get in the way.  I really like to design my own quilts.  Working primarily on a design wall I can spend many happy hours puzzling over how a top should come together.

I have been a science school teacher working in a variety of educational settings for most of the past 25 years and I have taught a variety of quilt classes for my local guild and in my own studio for about 15 years.

I live near Santa Cruz, CA. I have three wonderful children and a husband all who fill my life with great happiness and drive me crazy,  sometimes all at the same time!  I earned a BA in Biology from Sonoma State and a Secondary teaching  credential from UCLA.   I love to teach almost as much as I love to sew and I have found that my science school teaching experience has been useful in informing my quilting experience and vis versa.

3 responses to “About Me

  1. I love your quilts they are inspiring. Do you come and speak to Quilt Guilds? I am with the Heart of California Quilters’ Guild and am setting up Programs next year.

  2. Lol. Nice meeting another Teacher

  3. Virginia Tibbetts

    Looking for a Claire Witherspoon, daughter of Professor Paul Witherspoon from CAL. She was a high school friend at Berkeley High. Graduated in 1972. Ginny Rossi

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