Bar Quilts Class

Beautiful Bars

This is a very beginner friendly quilt.  The construction of a bar quilt is very basic but by choosing certain striped prints create the illusion of a much more complicated pattern.  Learn how to cut, sew, quilt and bind this quilt all in one easy lesson!   This is a one day class.  Pictured below are just a few of the possibilies.

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Materials List for Beautiful Bars:

-Sewing Machine and the usual supportive gizmos with thread to coordinate with your chosen fabrics

-cutting board, rotary cutter, and a long size ruler like a 6” x  24”  omnigrid

– small snipping style scissors and large 6” standard sewing style scissors

-travel iron and board and some portable design wall set-up

-Fabric will depend a lot on how big you want to make your bar quilt and which “bars” you want to be the primary and secondary (and even tertiary) bars.  Also the borders may vary considerably.  Keeping that in mind here are some general guidelines.  If you get stuck just call me 831-464-1035 or email me at

Lap size- ½ yard for the striped fabric (or feature print) and ½ yard for the in between the bars and about ½ to 1 yard for the border.

Bed size- 1 to 1  1/2 yards for the striped fabric (+/-),  2/3 – 1 yard for the in between  Bars, ¼ if you want a tertiary contrasting middle bar and 1 to 2 yards of fabric  for the borders.

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