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Big Red Ranch is Almost Finished!


I’ve almost finished Red #2.  I kept the quilting really simple, my Long arm version of “stitch in the ditch”, which is simply a small squigley line along the seams.  But since I was thinking I was going to give this to my mom as a lap quilt  I backed it with flannel.  That left me with the idea of using something soft for the binding.  I had some black velvet in my stash.  I thought that might be nice, black and red is always a good combo, right?   Well the black and red looked rather well together but velvet as a binding is a bit tricky.  The quilt was nice and square but with the velvet binding the edges went all wavy gravy; even tho’ I used my walking foot. I guess there is just too much slip, slide and bulk in the velvet to be-have under a presser foot. You don’t see it in the picture ’cause I plastered it to the design wall.


I think I’m going to try blocking it like a sweater. Any suggestions?  cheers, CW

Back at the Red Bar Ranch…June 2012

Well before I got engrossed in Randy’s sow along (I have 45 blocks now) I was contemplating what to do with this bunch of leftover red strips.

I had this brainstorm that I could sew them together and then cut them up into 6” block units.

And make blocks like these…

That worked pretty well except that the diagonal cuts got to be a bit long.

 I know what you are thinking, that’s a lot of bias; but, I have always found that as long as you don’t yank at the edges too much all will be well (and square).

Red #2- 49″ x 49″

The blocks are a little wonky ’cause I had some problems with the long cuts.  But this method does whip up enough units to make a decent sized lap quilt in a jiffy. You may be wondering, ‘Why all the red strips?’.  Many years ago I wanted to make a quilt  for my friend Lianna.  When I asked her what kind of quilt she would like she said she did not care what style it was just that it had to be red.  This was quite a challenge for me, I had never made an all red quilt before but I figured if it was going to be one color I was going to vary the shades of that one color as much as possible, to make it more interesting.  I bought a lot of ‘reds’. Cut a lot of red strips and accumulated a lot of red strips.

Alas,  all that experimentation lead to more scraps.  But scraps are my favorite so I made YET another scrappy Bar Quilt.

I think that blue and white batik is the perfect compliment to all that crazy red.  After that there were Still more scraps so I made some misc. pillow / wall hanging type things.

Even tho’ people normally think of red as something you add to jazz things up I think when used like this It has a very calm feeling.

And even tho’ the ‘red’ basket is not empty I think I see progress ( it use to be overflowing and now it’s just full!)

Happy June, cheers, CW

More Quick kid Quilts

After the fun I had with the car and truck fabrics all I had left was a small pile of horizontal (selvage to selvage) all different width strips.  Not a lot of flexibility there.  But since I kinda had Bar quilts on the brain I wondered if what worked vertically might work horizontally?!  So I put this quick kid quilt together.

I had to pull a few extra strips from my stripy scrap bag ‘cause I did not have quite enough car strips to make a full top.  I think the geometric checkerboard fabrics help to calm down the busy car fabrics.  Plus  the checkerboards are reminiscent of racing flags so in an odd way they work thematically.  I added the tonal green to balance the single green car strip.  And the black with chilly peppers were the only thing I could find to balance the black-background-car fabs.

I was trying to pull from my scrappy strips as much as possible so, the right border is the last of the leftovers from the first quilt and the borders are all a little off from one another but I kinda like that; and I did not have to cut them.  I know how lazy can I be?!  Don’t answer that!

All these horizontal strips got me thinking about other related bags of leftover strips so I pulled out this bag of monochromatic red strips leftover from a really ancient project and put them up on my design wall.

I don’t think  this color scheme translates to this layout as well as the conversation prints;  but it has given me an idea for another possible solution for these strips!  That’s what design walls are for, right?!!!  I’ll keep you posted on the ‘solution’ as soon as I work out more of the details. Cheers, CW