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Long Incubation UFO


I started this project in one of the first quilting classes I ever took !  That would have been 1995 or early 1996.  I know this because it was a class that Vicki Johnson taught for our local guild not to long after she had published her book “Paint and Patches” 1995, AQS publishers.  I dug out the book  to get a fix on the date.  It reminded me again what a great Artist and Quilter she is.  Vicki has a very unique style of mixing paint, fabric, thread work and patch work together to make beautiful wallhangings!

What motivated the sudden interest to finish this project?  Our local guild’s Faire ( was at the end of February and the Quilt Challenge this year was to depict your favorite Sight or Tourist Atraction of the Monterey Bay Area.   I immediately thought of this little landscape which I had started sooooo many years ago.   I live in the Santa Cruz Mountains looking to the South across the Monterey Bay to the Monterey Peninsula.  It is a glorious view that I am fortunate enough to enjoy everyday (not withstanding the fog) from my back porch! The morning of Vicki’s workshop I had nothing prepared. It was suggested to bring a picture of a landscape to work with.  I had no picture so I just made a quick sketch from my back porch as a guide. Well,  the class was great, Vicki is a very good teacher, I learned a lot including how to ‘soft edge applique’.  A very handy technique I have used many many times since.  By the end of the class I had cut out and glued most of the elements to the foundation, but once it was home I did not know what to do with it.  I lay it in between some pages in a  sketch book and there it sat essentially untouched since the class.

The Challenge was the motivator but I think the ability to finish the project came from the many years in between of learning and experimenting and building the skills I needed to finish the quilt the way I saw it in my head.   Sometimes it just takes time and a long incubation…. cheers, Claire W.