Medallion Quilts Class

This class focuses on designing Medallion quilts using thematic and novelty fabrics to help carry the design.  The construction can be quite basic or more complicated. View the examples below for the range of possibilities.IMG_2316

Paris Theme – 54″x 54″

“Martha’s Quilt” 54″ x 54″


Simple Repro’s design- 50″x 68″


Baseball theme- 60″ x 60″


Kids Quilt- 35″ x 35″

This could be a 1 to 5 day class depending on the complexity of the design.

Materials List:

-Fabric depends a lot on your own personal tastes.  It  helps if you have an idea of what your theme is going to be.  Bring theme fabrics that you love and then lots of things that coordinate with that.  i.e.  if you want to have a vintage theme start by pick fabrics with large scale novelty pictures / illustrations that will make a good center , then add large and small scale prints like calicos, stripes and solids that will coordinate with that central theme.  If you are planning on simple borders you may  need a couple yards of some of these fabric.  If you are going to make more complex borders or scrappy pieced borders you will want to start with a lot of choices and then narrow it down as you develop your theme.  Look at the samples pictured above to get a feel for the various layouts and yardage needs.

-Sewing Machine and the usual supportive feet and gizmos with gray, off white or dark thread depending on the color and values of fabric  you plan to use.

-cutting board, rotary cutter, and a couple of   omnigrid rulers.  I like a 6″ x 12″ , it’s portable and covers most needs. I will bring some big squares for cutting central portions.

– small snipping style  and large 6” standard sewing style scissors

-travel iron and board and some sort of portable design wall set-up (I use a piece of white flannel on cardboard)

-any questions regarding this list or the class in general you can call Claire@ 831-464-1035 or email – Also, check my blog for pictures of samples –

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