Scrap Strategies Class

Scrap Strategies

A class for beginners and experienced quilters a like to learn how to organize and use their “real scraps” to make beautiful quilts. If you like to sort fabric, sew without worrying too much about if the corners match and you want to learn how to design your own scrap quilts this is the class for you!  You can see from the samples that the basic technique is the same throughout but the resulting quilts vary considerably based on the choices in the fabrics and settings. The technique is simple and the design process is fun, just let go and enjoy the ride! This could be a one or two day class. 

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Materials List:

-Sewing Machine and the usual supportive gizmos with gray, off white or dark thread depending on the scraps you plan to use.

-cutting board, rotary cutter, and a medium size ruler like a 6” x 12”  omnigrid

– small snipping style  and large 6” standard sewing style scissors

-bring a 1 gallon zip lock bag stuffed with scraps* to share / trade.  We’ll talk about coordinating fabrics for sashing and borders.  Or if you already have a bag of scraps that you have sorted with a particular idea in mind bring those; with or without scraps to trade.

-travel iron and board and some sort of portable design wall set-up (I use a piece of white flannel on cardboard)

* for purposes of this class we will describe “scraps” as strips 3″-4” wide or less and patches  (square / rectangles) 8”  or other odd small chunks of fabric.

-any questions regarding this list or the class in general you can call Claire@ 831-464-1035 or email – Also, check my website for pictures of samples –


One response to “Scrap Strategies Class

  1. Kathryn Sandner

    Hi Claire, I am doing program planning for my guild, Country Crossroad Quilters in Modesto, CA. I am interested in scheduling you for a program meeting and possibly for the Scrap strategies class, as a 1 day workshop.

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