Art Quilts Class


This is a class focusing on design using the art work of printed fabrics to help bring your artful concepts to life.  Weather your ideas are amorphous or fully formed this class is designed to help you compose your ideas and barrow  motifs  from printed cloth to construct wall hangings as original compositions.  You don’t have to know how to draw just bring your ideas and fabrics and I’ll help you figure it out.  Basic design concepts and tricks of construction will be covered.  This is really a two day class but an introduction to all the concepts could be squeezed into one day.

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Materials List:

-Fabric depends a lot on your own personal tastes.  It helps if you have an idea of what your theme is going to be.  Bring theme fabrics that you love and then lots of things that coordinate with that.  For example;  if you want to have a “Geisha” theme pick out fabrics with geishas, large and small scale, and then pick things from your Japanese fab stash to coordinate, maybe some batiks and solids too.  You won’t need a lot of any one fabric but you want to start with a lot of choices and then narrow it down as you develop your theme.

-Sewing Machine and the usual supportive feet and gizmos with gray, off white or dark thread depending on the color and values of  the fabric you plan to use.

-Stabilizers/ Applique materials etc.   You may need stabilizers for your construction, if you have a favorite method bring those materials along.  I will be reviewing some of my favorites including glue stick, quick turn, freezer paper, steam-a-seam, if you have any of these supplies bring them along if not don’t worry I will be bringing some that you can try out before purchasing.

-Batting, backing etc.    A crib size piece of batting will probably be big enough for most projects.  If you’ve had a chance to looked at the class samples you might have noticed some of those pieces have rigid frames and/ or backing.  This is achieved with a piece of acid free archival foam board.  I will be reviewing using this material and technique.  If you want to try this most Art Supply stores carry this in their Framing departments along side the Mat boards. Depending on the finished size of your project you may need 1 or 2 pieces. ( If your not sure give me a call and I can explain in more detail.)

-Cutting Board, rotary cutter, and a couple of omnigrid rulers.  I like a 6″ x 12″, it’s portable and covers most needs.

 -Scissors, small snipping style  and large 6” standard sewing style scissors.

-Travel iron, board and some sort of portable design wall set-up (I use a piece of white flannel on cardboard) Doesn’t need to be to big  36” x 48”  should do for most projects.

-Questions, regarding this list or the class in general you can  email – Also, check my website for pictures samples – And if you want to see my week to week quilting activities check out my blog at

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