Medallions are another type of pattern that I like to fiddle around with.  They can be very simple or really complicated.  They’re not to difficult to construct once you get the hang of it, and since they can change with every border I find them more interesting to construct than row by row quilts.  I think the first medallion quilt I made was for a round robin.  Boy that’s going back and age or two! But I think what really got me going on medallion’s was a picture of a top in the Smithsonian Collection by Martha Washington.  (my reproduction pictured below)


That lead to a whole bunch more experimenting with medallion layouts.


French theme


simple repros.


Left overs.


More French theme…




More repros…

There are probably a few more lurking around that I have not taken pictures of but that’s just what I found in my photo file.  As you can see it is a very versatile kind of layout that  I plan on exploring more as time goes on.  In fact I’ve put together a class that I think will be a lot of fun and beginner friendly too! See the tab in the header for description and materials list.   Cheers, Claire W.

One response to “Medallions

  1. Claire, you’ve just given me some great ideas… !

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